Saturday, March 23, 2013

How women interact online and how men respond to them

This is an issue I've tried to ignore for quite a long time. Mostly I just get treated as one of the guys, and that's fine by me. Even offline, I can't think of any time I was treated differently, for or against, because I'm female. I have resolutely avoided joining any kind of women's groups, because I don't put myself in that camp. I will converse and compete on equal terms with anyone, regardless of their sex. I don't want to be in any group for "women in business". I don't see it as being a useful thing to do.

It's just that recently I seem to have been a bit of a magnet for women who see me as a kindred spirit. Also, I'm seeing more and more groups and forums for women. I really don't like this. It's putting us on a different side of the fence. It's also sending out the message to women that men are the enemy. It's also portraying us as being victims of this male-dominated society. I don't think that's the case at all - step up to the plate and deal with it on equal terms. What's the big deal? OK, there's jokes sometimes - if you can't cope with a joke, then you're too sensitive a little flower to be active online.

One of the worst insults I ever had to deal with was from a woman who informed me that she'd stuffed up but women over 50 couldn't possibly be expected to understand the technology of how to post properly on a forum. You can imagine how well that comment went down.

I don't know why these women need to go and huddle into their little women only groups. What are they frightened of?


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