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The new consoles from Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony

An audience member photographs the stage at the unveiling of Microsoft Corp.'s next-generation Xbox One entertainment and gaming console system, Tuesday, May 21, 2013, in Redmond, Wash. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

An audience member photographs the stage at the unveiling of Microsoft Corp.'s next-generation Xbox One entertainment and gaming console system, Tuesday, May 21, 2013, in Redmond, Wash. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Marc Whitten, Microsoft Corp.'s chief production officer of interactive entertainment, talks about the features of the next-generation Xbox One entertainment and gaming console system, Tuesday, May 21, 2013, at an event in Redmond, Wash. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Photographers crowd around Microsoft Corp.'s next-generation Xbox One entertainment and gaming console system after it was officially revealed, Tuesday, May 21, 2013, at an event in Redmond, Wash. It's been eight years since the launch of the Xbox 360. The original Xbox debuted in 2001, and its high-definition successor premiered in 2005. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

This product image released by Microsoft shows the new Xbox One entertainment console that will go on sale later this year. Microsoft is seeking to stay ahead of rivals in announcing that new content that can be downloaded for the popular "Call of Duty" game will launch first on Xbox One. Microsoft says more games will be shown at next month's E3 video game conference in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Microsoft)

Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox One entertainment and gaming console system is put display for media after its unveiling Tuesday, May 21, 2013, at an event in Redmond, Wash. The Xbox One, a next-generation entertainment console that promises to be the one system households will need for games, television, movies and other entertainment, will go on sale later this year. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

(AP) ? Microsoft is the last of the three big video game console makers to unveil its latest gaming system. The unveiling comes nearly eight years after the Xbox 360 went on sale. It follows last fall's debut of Nintendo's Wii U and a preview in February of the upcoming PlayStation 4 from Sony.

Each machine has a set of features designed to draw gamers away from rival consoles. There's one thing all three have in common, though: They are about more than gaming and include entertainment services such as television, movies and music.

Here's a closer look at the three systems. More details are expected at the E3 video game conference in Los Angeles next month.

? Wii U (Nintendo)

The Japanese gaming company launched the Wii U, the follow-up to its popular Wii, in November, making it the only new console out for last year's holiday season. The console features a tablet-like controller with a touch screen, called the GamePad, which can be used to control games on the TV set or to play games separately, as you would on a regular tablet computer. It also allows someone with a GamePad to have a different experience with a game than someone playing it at the same time with a regular Wii controller.

The GamePad also serves as a fancy remote controller to navigate a TV-watching feature called TVii. The service groups your favorite shows and sports teams together, whether it's on live TV or an Internet video service such as Hulu Plus. And it offers water-cooler moments you can chat about on social media.

Unlike the Wii, the Wii U features high-definition graphics. In doing so, Nintendo's system catches up to the years-old Xbox 360 from Microsoft and the PlayStation 3 from Sony.

Sales of the Wii U have been disappointing, with 3.5 million sold as of March 31, the end of Nintendo's fiscal year. Nintendo Co. had originally expected to sell 5.5 million units and later lowered the forecast to 4 million, but it still fell short.

Price: Starts at $300 but some retailers have offered it at lower prices.

? PlayStation 4 (Sony)

Sony shared some details about the PlayStation 4 in February, but it didn't show what the console would look like. The company said the PS4 would essentially be a "supercharged PC," much like the Xbox. That's a big departure from the old and idiosyncratic PlayStation design and should make it easier for developers to create games.

But the adoption of PC chips also means that the new console won't be able to play games created for any of the three previous PlayStations. Players will have to stream older games over the Internet.

Other new features revolve around social networking and remote access. With one button, you can broadcast video of your game play so friends elsewhere can watch. You can also run a game on the PS4 to stream over the Internet to Sony's mobile gaming device, the PlayStation Vita, which debuted last year.

The PlayStation online network will have access to Sony's video and music services, as well as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon ? as long as you have subscriptions to those services. You'll also be able to access Facebook.

The PS4 will have a Blu-ray disc drive for movies, just like the PS3. The console will go on sale this holiday season, though Sony Corp. has not disclosed an exact date.

Price: Not yet announced.

? Xbox One (Microsoft)

Microsoft's new console seeks to deliver the Holy Grail of home entertainment ? an all-in-one device that lets you watch television, play movies, listen to music and browse the Internet as well as play video games.

The Xbox One lets you use voice commands to switch between watching TV and playing "Call of Duty," or ask "What's on HBO?" to view a TV channel guide. Simply connect your cable or satellite set-top box to the game machine with an HDMI cable.

A new version of Microsoft's camera-based Kinect controller offers better motion and voice detection than the one currently available. Unlike the Xbox 360, the Xbox One will require Kinect.

Microsoft also reached a multiyear deal with the National Football League to develop new interactive viewing experiences, such as the ability to watch games, chat with other fans, view statistics, access highlights in real time and gather fantasy information about players and teams ? all on a single screen.

Although Nintendo's Wii was the most popular of the three at first, the Xbox 360 has outsold its rivals in recent years largely because of its robust online service, Xbox Live, which allows people to play games with others online for as much as $60 a year. Activision's "Call of Duty," has been a driving force behind Xbox Live, and Microsoft said players will be able to download new content for upcoming titles in the series on the Xbox One before any other system.

The new console will also add the ability to play Blu-ray discs, matching what Sony has in its older PlayStation 3. What it won't play are games for the Xbox 360.

Microsoft said the system will launch this year, but it did not give a date during Tuesday's unveiling.

Price: Not yet announced.

Associated Press


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Air Conditioning & Heating Made Easy. Helpful Tricks And Tips ...

Everybody is planning to improve their homes. They just do not know how to begin. There are numerous ideas and places to venture to that can help you attain the look that you desire. This article will help to you choose what meets your needs, and demonstrate some tips to acquire to the outcome you want.

Henderson Air Conditioning

To make certain that you?re always getting the most out of your air conditioning units, always remember to wash those filters. Particularly if you have a large central machine linked to the home, it is vital that this filter remains clean so that the machine doesn?t have to work way too hard and burn itself out prematurely.

A fantastic do-it-yourself and way to save money is to put in a whole-house fan. They are excellent causes of energy savings given that they typically utilize one-tenth the electricity of the air conditioning unit. If you live within an area where air conditioning is not needed year-round, this can be a great option to central air.

Keep your fans circulating, or invest in some should you not currently utilize them. Rooms are kept more cool with all the circulating air developed by fans. Furthermore, if you utilize them as an alternative to air conditioning on those times that are not scorching, the amount of energy you eat is reduced, letting you enjoy lower household utility bills.

To maintain your heating and air conditioning system in good shape, clean your ductwork at least per year. It is just a chore that no person would like to do nevertheless it certainly simple to do all on your own. During your inspection from the ducts, please be aware that possibly any mold growth you need to call an expert.

Henderson Heating

Take into consideration conserving money for more time to purchase more energy-efficient products and materials for your residence-improvement project. This will save you money after a while on heating and household utility bills which will cover the renovations you create quickly. Consider long-term gains over short-term savings.

If so long as make use of garage for parking your cars, you might want to consider remodeling it to be a part of your home. It functions as an additional bedroom, office or den/family area for your residence. As it is often usually attached to your dwelling, the duct jobs are probably already in place for heating and cooling.

An incredible do-it-yourself project that will save you a bundle is always to purchase a programmable thermostat. These thermostats can let you program in a number of different settings so you are using your heating and air conditioning only at any given time and without having to monitor it constantly.

To cut down your home?s energy costs, replace your current thermostat with one that can be programmed. Many families save near to $200 yearly through programmable thermostat use. A programmable thermostat can be set to switch when your family is sleeping or out of our home, keeping you from purchasing heating and cooling you do not need. They?re also inexpensive, and could be picked up for just $40.

As you can see through the above article, you?ll be able to alter your home into everything you dreamed it can be by following the aforementioned examples. Your friends will probably be impressed with all the wonderful things you?ve done to improve your house. You can keep it your own little secret which you got your opinions from the do-it-yourself article.


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Sony Vaio VPCW121AX Media Plus Software

This utility installs an updated version of the VAIO Media plus software to resolve the following issues:?
- Enables Digital Media Controller support for selected BRAVIA HDTV sets
- Improves compatibility with Sony Ericsson mobile handsets
- Enables music streaming delivery
- Enables MP4 file playback support
- Enables iTunes playlist support
- Fixes large digital still image (4096x4096 and above) display issues on DLNA clients
- Fixes an issue where music from the channel recommended in VAIO MusicBox does not play through DLNA clients
- Fixes a playback issue where stereo audio sounds monaural
- Fixes an issue where the VAIO Media Plus icon is missing from the MCE menu
- Resolves video distortion that may occur during playback of AVC video files
- Improves the installation process of VAIO Update
- Adds support for DMC and Digital Broadcast Plug-ins features
- Fixes an issue where the thumbnails of photos and videos saved on the Network-Attached Storage(NAS) unit cannot be viewed

It is highly recommended to always use the most recent driver version available.

Do not forget to check with our site as often as possible in order to stay updated on the latest drivers, software and games.

Try to set a system restore point before installing a device driver. This will help if you installed a wrong driver. Problems can arise when your hardware device is too old or not supported any longer.


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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Split: What Went Wrong?


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Sorry, Readability was unable to parse this page for content.


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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How a Trumpet Works Explained In One Animated GIF

Compared to electric gadgetry, something like a trumpet is a pretty simple contraption, but the way it actually works is super clever when you see it in action. The principle is very straight-forward, but the construction of the actual pieces that re-route your hot air are damn cool to see at work.




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Monday, May 20, 2013

Deal of the Day ? Refurbished Sony PS3 Slim 320GB console

LogicBUY’s Deal for Sunday is a refurbished Sony PlayStation 3 Slim 320GB console for?$199.99. ?Features: Blu-ray player 320GB of storage Built-in Wi-Fi Access to the PlayStation Store HDMI output One-year warranty from Sony $299.99 – $100 savings = $199.99 with free shipping. ? This is the current best price found by LogicBUY for this item. [...]


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The first Jolla phone: 4.5-inch display, Android app compliant, 399 euros

The first Jolla phone 45inch display, Android app compliant, 399 euros

Jolla's heavily teased launch day in Finland has already spilled some major news: pricing and specs for the first Sailfish OS handset. The phone seems to be called "The Other Half" -- or at least that's the working title for now -- and judging from Jolla's Facebook page it consists of a colorful plastic case, available in various shades including orange or green, which hooks onto the main chassis containing a 4.5-inch display (of unknown resolution), dual-core processor, microSD expansion with 16GB onboard, a "4G" modem, user replaceable battery and an 8MP rear camera. The chassis recognizes which case is attached and adapts the visual theme of the OS to match, creating "your other half, exactly as you want it to be."

Perhaps more usefully, the Sailfish operating system will also be Android app compliant out of the box, and we're currently on the ground in Helsinki trying to discover exactly how developers and users will be able to put that feature to work (while also chasing down the rest of the specs). Meanwhile, there's an emphatic video message from Jolla co-founder Marc Dillon after the break, seeking the world's assistance in taking the heritage of MeeGo into a new era.

Update: We now hear that the phone will simply be called the "Jolla."

Update #2: Jolla has just clarified that 4G means LTE. The display resolution has been vaguely described as "HD," which to our minds suggests 720p. Furthermore, it sounds like the way the "other half" interfaces with the main body of the device allows for much deeper functionality beyond just personalization. We've just added our own video tour with more information.

[Thanks, Toni]

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Tunisian feminist arrested for alleged provocation

Radical Islamist movement Ansar al-Shariah supporters clash with Tunisian police officers after Tunisia's Interior Ministry on Friday banned their annual conference supposed to be held in Kairouan, in Ettadhamen, near Tunis, Sunday May 19, 2013. Massive numbers of Tunisian police and army surrounded Tunisia's religious center of Kairouan to prevent a conference by a radical Islamist movement that has been implicated in attacks around the country. (AP Photo/Nawfel)

Radical Islamist movement Ansar al-Shariah supporters clash with Tunisian police officers after Tunisia's Interior Ministry on Friday banned their annual conference supposed to be held in Kairouan, in Ettadhamen, near Tunis, Sunday May 19, 2013. Massive numbers of Tunisian police and army surrounded Tunisia's religious center of Kairouan to prevent a conference by a radical Islamist movement that has been implicated in attacks around the country. (AP Photo/Nawfel)

TUNIS, Tunisia (AP) ? A Tunisian feminist who scandalized her country by posting topless photos of herself online has been arrested after allegedly sneaking into Tunisia's holiest city disguised in a veil, then trying to get undressed during a protest.

On Sunday, Amina Tyler ? a 19-year-old member of the Ukrainian feminist group FEMEN, which uses nudity in its protests ? passed through heavy security and checkpoints to enter the city of Kairouan, where police were preventing hardline conservative Islamists from holding an annual conference.

There she unveiled her bleach blonde hair and cutoff jeans, scrawled "FEMEN" on the wall of a cemetery near the city's main mosque, and attempted to take off her clothes, her lawyer Radhia Nasraoui quoted police as saying.

The protest enraged local residents who converged on her, and police took her into custody.

In a video of the incident shown on the Tunisian news website Nawaat, people yell "get out" at her as police usher her into a waiting van.

"She is dishonoring us. We will protect our town, but a dirty girl like her shouldn't come among us," one resident screams at the camera.

"We are all Muslims," Tyler says to one man, who replies: "You are no Muslim. Don't come to Kairouan."

The Interior Ministry said Monday she may be charged with conducting "provocative acts" when she appears in court on Tuesday.

"It is an act of provocation and it is against the morals and traditions of Tunisian society, which is a Muslim society," Interior Ministry spokesman Mohammed Ali Aroui told journalists, without elaborating on what those acts were.

Her mother, Wafa, told The Associated Press her daughter needed help and was being treated by a psychiatrist.

"She suffers from psychological problems," she said on the phone, tearfully. "I am very worried for my daughter. I'm afraid she will be condemned by the court."

Tunisia is the birthplace of the pro-democracy uprisings known as the Arab Spring. Its transition to democracy and how it deals with the questions of Islam, politics and social movements such as feminism are being closely watched around the region.

Tyler has become the latest episode in the battle over the country's identity after the overthrow of a suffocating dictatorship in January 2011 opened the way for competing religious and secular groups.

By choosing Kairouan, Tunisia's main religious site, Tyler stepped into an extremely sensitive situation as the government was moving to confront the rising power of ultraconservative groups.

Ansar al-Shariah, a group whose members have been implicated in violent attacks on art galleries and cinemas, as well as the U.S. embassy, had announced it would hold their annual conference in Kairouan but refused to apply for permission.

The government, which is run by moderate Islamists and had been long accused by the opposition of coddling the extremists, announced that the conference was banned and backed up their decision with 11,000 police and soldiers to stop the conservatives, known as salafis, from gathering in the city.

Shortly before Tyler attempted her protest, there were clashes between police and salafis in the center of Kairouan that had to be dispersed with tear gas.

In Tunis, hundreds of salafis also clashed with police, leaving one protester dead.

Authorities said 274 people were arrested for their involvement in the violence in both cities.

The government's conflict with the salafis also comes as the army has been hunting al-Qaida linked militants in the mountainous Jebel Chambi region near the Algerian border for the last month.

So far 40 people have been arrested in sweeps through the area, said Aroui, the ministry spokesman.


Associated Press reporter Paul Schemm contributed to this report from Rabat, Morocco.

Associated Press


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UN Calls On North Korea to Stop Missile Launches (Voice Of America)

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Sony Xperia UL announced for Japan: 5-inch 1080p display and 15-frame burst photography skills (video)

Sony Xperia UL announced for Japan 5inch 1080p display and 15frame burst photography skills video

The FCC may have spoiled the surprise, but Sony's now gone official with yet another smartphone and this one's for its native Japan. The Xperia UL appears to be a slightly thicker riff on the Xperia Z, matching the display of the company's early-2013 flagship, with a quad-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro (APQ8064) ticking behind the 5-inch 1080p screen. It's worth noting that it's a substantial resolution bump from the similar-looking 720p NTT DoCoMo Xperia A. Although it's not the Snapdragon 600 rumored, Qualcomm's S4 Pro flexes its muscle through Exmor RS 13-megapixel camera sensor, offering up the ability to capture 15 frames in a second. NFC, naturally, is already in attendance as well as the Felica wireless payment system. You'll also get the benefits of both a physical camera button and water (IPX5/8) and dust resistance (IP5X) -- two features in tandem that should help separate it from Sony's pair of existing 5-inch 1080p smartphones. The Xperia UL will launch on KDDI's au network in white, black and hot pink colors on May 25th. Check out the obligatory close-up ad after the break.

Update: The Xperia UL runs on an S4 Pro processor, not the Snapdragon 600 initially stated.

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Europa Report Trailer: Watch Now!


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Red Wings beat Blackhawks 4-1, even series

CHICAGO (AP) ? In case they weren't aware already, the Chicago Blackhawks now know they're going to have to earn it if they want to get past Detroit.

The Red Wings hammered home that message on Saturday.

Damien Brunner and Brendan Smith scored in the second period and Detroit beat the Blackhawks 4-1 in Game 2 to even their Western Conference semifinal series.

It was a strong response by the Red Wings after Chicago handled them easily in the series opener, 4-1.

"We've got a real good club now," Detroit coach Mike Babcock said. "And we haven't been good all year. We've just gotten better."

Their confidence got a big jolt after they knocked off the Presidents' Trophy winners and avoided falling into a deep hole. It was another big win by a team that finished seventh in the conference, only to knock off second-seeded Anaheim in the first round.

Now, they're even with a team that's been rolling along all season and is eyeing its second Stanley Cup in four years.

"Both teams would be stupid if they thought they were going to come in here and either team win four straight," Chicago's Brent Seabrook said.

Just as the Blackhawks did in Game 1, Detroit took control in the second period and put the game away in the third. Now, the Red Wings have a chance to take the lead when this series between Original Six rivals shifts to Detroit for Game 3 on Monday.

"Overall, I think we had more energy," the Red Wings' Henrik Zetterberg said. "We did a lot of the little things better than we did in Game 1 and when we got our chances we were able to put the puck in the net."

Patrick Kane gave Chicago a 1-0 lead late in the first, but did things ever change after that.

Brunner tied it when he deflected a wrist shot by Jakub Kindl early in the second, and Smith gave the Red Wings the lead when he scored off a feed from Zetterberg on a 3-on-1 late in the second.

Johan Franzen made it 3-1 in the third when he fired a rising shot past Crawford after a perfect pass from Jonathan Ericsson in the Detroit zone. And Valtteri Filppula closed out the scoring with 7:57 left in the game.

That was enough for Jimmy Howard, who stopped 19 shots.

Crawford made 26 saves for Chicago and played well at times even though things got out of hand down the stretch. When it was over, coach Joel Quenneville insisted his faith in his goalie hasn't wavered.

"Not at all," he said. "Across the board, we should all assume responsibility."

The Red Wings were simply a step faster and were more physical in this one after the Blackhawks ran away from them in the opener.

"I think just by taking care of our own end first, making good plays, you end up playing a faster game that way," Smith said. "By taking away their speed, it helps out ours. You want to get a lot of contact on these types of teams, and it works out for us."

The Blackhawks still struck first thanks to a lucky bounce after Detroit's Kyle Quincey sprawled out to block a pass across the slot by Patrick Sharp that was intended for Kane on a 2-on-1 rush. The puck bounced to a trailing Michal Handzus, who immediately fed it to a wide open Kane in the right slot. He fired it into the net at the 14:05 mark for a 1-0 lead and his first goal of the playoffs.

About a minute later, with the Red Wings on a power play, Crawford made a nice save on Zetterberg before Pavel Datsyuk ripped a shot high off the right post.

Detroit tied it early in the second when a wrist shot by Kindl from just inside the blue line deflected off Brunner and past a screened Crawford, who didn't even react as the puck went past him on the glove side.

But Chicago's goalie had the fans chanting his name midway through the period with two great saves, stopping Zetterberg from the slot and sprawling out to foil Daniel Cleary on the rebound.

The Red Wings took a 2-1 lead with 3:52 left in the second after Chicago's Niklas Hjalmarsson fell racing Zetterberg for a loose puck. Zetterberg then dished to Smith on a 2-on-1 rush for the go-ahead goal.

"He creates a lot of stuff, sometimes for both teams," Zetterberg said in a nod to Smith's struggles in Game 1.

There weren't many mistakes by the Red Wings in this one. Other than Kane's goal, they contained the Blackhawks' stars and made it look easy over the final two periods.

"They kind of used our own style against us as far as holding onto the puck and keeping it away from us," Kane said.

NOTES: LW Drew Miller was in the Red Wings' lineup for the first time since April 20. He had been sidelined by a broken bone in his right hand. ... F Viktor Stalberg was a healthy scratch for the Blackhawks, just as he was in Game 1. "I don't like changing too much, but we wanted to get (Dave Bolland) in our lineup," Quenneville said before the game. "It's comparable to what we've done during season. But we'll see. We can adapt and change at any moment." ... Quenneville on the early start: "I think the guys, once they get in, they don't mind playing in the afternoon."


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Derby winner Orb disappoints in the Preakness

BALTIMORE (AP) ? Orb came up short in the Preakness, frustrating everyone who made the Kentucky Derby winner a 3-5 favorite ? no one more than trainer Shug McGaughey.

"I'm disappointed," McGaughey said after Orb finished fourth and Oxbow pulled off the upset Saturday.

"I'll be more disappointed tomorrow than I am right now. I know the game. It is highs and lows. Probably more lows than highs."

McGaughey and Orb were certainly on a high in the two weeks since the Derby. The colt had trained sensationally ahead of the Preakness, fanning hopes that a horse was finally going to end the Triple Crown drought that dates back to Affirmed in 1978.

Orb needed a Preakness win to set the stage for a Triple try three weeks later in the Belmont Stakes. He couldn't deliver, despite the outpouring of support at Pimlico as fans cheered loudly when he led the post parade.

He never settled into a groove. Orb broke from the rail and didn't seem comfortable being surrounded by horses.

In the Derby, Orb unleashed a breathtaking rally around the final turn, circling the field on a sloppy track to win by 2? lengths.

But there was no explosive move in the Preakness, only a mild kick in the late stages to make a dull effort appear a little better than it was.

"The pace was slower than I anticipated," McGaughey said. "I thought maybe they would speed it up, but they didn't. I still thought he would close into it, but it just wasn't his day."

McGaughey, as gracious as he's been throughout the Orb run, saluted fellow Hall of Fame trainer D. Wayne Lukas on the victory.

"We had a great run two weeks ago," McGaughey said. "My hats off to Wayne, winning his sixth Preakness. That's a pretty remarkable record."

McGaughey will take Orb back to his home base at Belmont Park and figure out the next move. He is left with the feeling that something special slipped away.

"I would be disappointed anytime you had this kind of opportunity, and didn't get it done," he said.

The loss ended Orb's five-race winning streak that included victories in the Fountain Of Youth Stakes and Florida Derby at Gulfstream Park. He was the 5-1 favorite in the Kentucky Derby, and that impressive win dropped his Preakness odds.

Orb was only McGaughey's third Preakness starter, and first since 1989 when Easy Goer, also a 3-5 favorite, lost by a nose to Sunday Silence.


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Watch an Epic Optimus Painting Come To Life In This Amazing Timelapse

Robert Burden, an artist living in San Francisco, has an affinity for immortalizing his favorite childhood action figures as gigantic oil paintings that makes them seem larger than life. His latest piece, The Autobot, which gives Optimus Prime the glory he so readily deserves, took over 1,000 hours to complete. And thankfully for us, Robert captured the entire process in an awesome two and a half minute timelapse.




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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Research into carbon storage in Arctic tundra reveals unexpected insight into ecosystem resiliency

Research into carbon storage in Arctic tundra reveals unexpected insight into ecosystem resiliency

Friday, May 17, 2013

When UC Santa Barbara doctoral student Seeta Sistla and her adviser, environmental studies professor Josh Schimel, went north not long ago to study how long-term warming in the Arctic affects carbon storage, they had made certain assumptions.

"We expected that because of the long-term warming, we would have lost carbon stored in the soil to the atmosphere," said Schimel. The gradual warming, he explained, would accelerate decomposition on the upper layers of what would have previously been frozen or near-frozen earth, releasing the greenhouse gas into the air. Because high latitudes contain nearly half of all global soil carbon in their ancient permafrost ?? permanently frozen soil ?? even a few degrees' rise in temperature could be enough to release massive quantities, turning a carbon repository into a carbon emitter.

"The Arctic is the most rapidly warming biome on Earth, so understanding how permafrost soils are reacting to this change is of major concern globally," Sistla said.

To test their hypothesis, the researchers visited the longest-running climate warming study in the tundra, the U.S. Arctic Long-Term Ecological Research site at Toolik Lake in northern Alaska. This ecosystem-warming greenhouse experiment was started in 1989 to observe the effects of sustained warming on the Arctic environment.

What they initially found was typical of Arctic warming: low-lying, shallow-rooted vegetation giving way to taller plants with deeper roots; greater wood shrub dominance; and increased thaw depth. What they weren't expecting was that two decades of slow and steady warming had not changed the amounts of carbon in the soil, despite changes in vegetation and even the soil food web.

The answer to that mystery, according to Sistla, might be found in the finer workings of the ecosystem: Increased plant growth appears to have facilitated stabilizing feedbacks to soil carbon loss. Their research is published in the recent edition of the journal Nature.

"We hypothesize that net soil carbon hasn't changed after 20 years because warming-accelerated decomposition has been offset by increased carbon inputs to the soil due to a combination of increased plant growth and changing soil conditions," Sistla said.

The increased plant productivity, caused by the warmer temperatures ?? on average 2 degrees Celsius in the air and 1 degree in the soil to the permafrost ?? has increased plant litter inputs to the soil. Unexpectedly, the soils in the greenhouse experiment developed higher winter temperatures, while the summer warming effect declined.

"These changes reflect a complicated feedback," Sistla said. "Shrubs trap more snow than the lower-lying vegetation, creating warmer winter soil temperatures that further stimulate both decomposers and plant growth. Shrubs also increase summer shading, which appears to have reduced decomposer activity in the surface soil by reducing the greenhouse effect during the summer."

The increased plant growth and deeper thaw, meanwhile, also may have enabled increased carbon availability in the deeper mineral layer that overlies the permafrost. In fact, the researchers found the strongest biological effects of warming at depth, a "biotic awakening," with mineral soil decomposers showing more activity, along with the increased carbon stock at that level. "It's a surprising counterbalance," said Schimel. "It may be that those soil systems are not quite as vulnerable to warming as initially expected."

However, whether or not this phenomenon ?? no net loss of soil carbon despite long-term warming ?? is a transient phase that will eventually give way to increased decomposition activity and more carbon release, is not yet known. Future studies will include investigation into the mineral soil to determine the age of the carbon, which may in turn yield clues into how the carbon cycle is changing at depth, where the majority of tundra soil carbon is stored.

Funding for this study came from the National Science Foundation Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) Program, DOE Global Change Education Program Graduate Fellowship, a Leal Anne Kerry Mertes scholarship, and Explorer's Club.

According to Sistla and Schimel, this research paradigm validates the NSF LTER program's commitment to supporting long-term experiments, because it creates opportunities for younger scientists to observe effects and condition decades after experiments are established ?? results that could not have been foreseen when the experiments were started.


University of California - Santa Barbara:

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Genetic risk for schizophrenia is connected to reduced IQ

Friday, May 17, 2013

The relationship between the heritable risk for schizophrenia and low intelligence (IQ) has not been clear. Schizophrenia is commonly associated with cognitive impairments that may cause functional disability. There are clues that reduced IQ may be linked to the risk for developing schizophrenia. For example, reduced cognitive ability may precede the onset of schizophrenia symptoms. Also, these deficits may be present in healthy relatives of people diagnosed with schizophrenia.

In a remarkable new study published in Biological Psychiatry, Dr. Andrew McIntosh and his colleagues at the University of Edinburgh provide new evidence that the genetic risk for schizophrenia is associated with lower IQ among people who do not develop this disorder.

The authors analyzed data from 937 individuals in Scotland who first completed IQ testing in 1947, at age 11. Around age 70, they were retested and their DNA was analyzed to estimate their genetic risk for schizophrenia.

The researchers found that individuals with a higher genetic risk for schizophrenia had a lower IQ at age 70 but not at age 11. Having more schizophrenia risk-related gene variants was also associated with a greater decline in lifelong cognitive ability.

"If nature has loaded a person's genes towards schizophrenia, then there is a slight but detectable worsening in cognitive function between childhood and old age. With further research into how these genes affect the brain, it could become possible to understand how genes linked to schizophrenia affect people's cognitive function," said McIntosh.

These findings suggest that common genetic variants may underlie both cognitive aging and risk of schizophrenia.

"While this study does not show that these common gene variants produce schizophrenia per se, it elegantly suggests that these variants may contribute to declines in intelligence, a clinical feature associated with schizophrenia," commented Dr. John Krystal, Editor of Biological Psychiatry. "However, we have yet to understand the development of cognitive impairments that produce disability in young adulthood, the period when schizophrenia develops for many affected people."

Clearly, more research is necessary, but this new study adds to the growing and substantial effort to understand how the gene variants that contribute to the development of schizophrenia give rise to the cognitive disability commonly associated with it.



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Friday, May 17, 2013

Amazon lands Prime Instant Video exclusives for five NBCUniversal shows

Amazon lands Prime Instant Video exclusives for five NBCUniversal shows

Amazon is still determined to snag every TV exclusive possible, and it just scored one of its better deals -- or at least, one of the more forward-thinking. It now has the sole unlimited subscription streaming rights to the previous seasons of five NBCUniversal shows. The highlight could be Hannibal, which will reach the service later this year; gamers may also like the crossover SyFy series Defiance, which should be ready in early 2014. Those who just can't wait to stream something will get their fill through exclusives for Covert Affairs, Grimm and Suits, all of which are in the catalog today. Amazon isn't completely shutting out rivals like Netflix, however: its expanded NBCU deal includes regular deals for Alphas, Eureka, Smash, Warehouse 13 and a collection of children's shows destined for Kindle FreeTime Unlimited. While we'd prefer that there be as few exclusives as possible, there's no question that some Prime members will feel better about springing for that $79 yearly fee.

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Welcome to whitenoise!

Welcome old friends and lost travelers! One way or another you have found your way to whitenoise! But what is this place? And what can be your role here? Good questions! The shortest, easiest answer to both questions is: Just about whatever you want it to be.

To the best of my knowledge, whitenoise was formed back in 2009. It's Gizmodo's side blog that more or less serves as an open thread anyone to talk about anything. Each of the Gawker sites have such a place. Naturally, the subject matter on whitenoise leaned towards technology and attracted a tech savy crowd. Over time the conversation evolved to practically everything under the sun*. Cat gifs? Bring em on. Have an issue with an editor? We'll listen to you. This was always meant to be a safe place. Have a question about your phone? Ask and you might get a great answer. We're here for each other.

From about 2009-2011 whitenoise grew to be a very popular hangout. I would guess there were well more than 50 regular folk in here and hundreds of people passed through daily. Without getting into details, whitenoise has been in a bit of a lull since they hay days of yesteryear but, I think that Kinja's recent release makes this a time ripe for a resurgence. If things work out here like they did on Jalopnik, post something really neat and the editors may notice and report you to the front page. You could be famous! No promises though.

For a while, I was posting a morning post under the heading "Roll Call!". I got a bit sidetracked there but perhaps I'll take it up again soon. If so, I encourage you to stop by at any time of the day and make a comment -any comment. It's a neat way to watch the place grow again. I tend to build these a few days out and schedule them to publish at 7am EST. Oh, some of you may be wondering "Who the hell are you anyway?" Just some guy who'd like to see whitenoise come back to life again. I'm not an employee of Gawker or attached to them in any official manner. I'm just another one of you folks.

So here's the important question: How do YOU contribute? Well, start by leaving a comment below and let me know you want in. There are a few of us around who can grant you authorship rights -and take them away if you get too unruly. I'd like to see as many of you submitting threads as possible. So switch on and be heard.

*Please use common sense house rules related NSFW, hate speech and so on. Otherwise, the Terms of Use and Content Guidelines which are linked from the bottom of each page governs all of Gawker Media and every Kinja site, and there will be no tolerance for spam.


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