Monday, May 13, 2013

Iterations: Snoopify, The Greatest Mobile Photobombing App Of All Time

Snoopy Steve?What are the cool new apps you?ve seen lately?? To this oft heard question, lately, there have been lots of answers. So, mobile is indeed exciting and moving fast. And, just recently, a fun new app came out that instantly captured my attention -- no, it?s not from a Stanford dropout or from the ?"innovation lab" of a large technology company. No. It?s from Snoop Dogg -- excuse me -- Snoop Lion. Yes, that?s right, the same artist so many of you grew up with. He?s diversified his musical career into the business of his own branded apparel, a television show, and now he invades the greatest consumer stage of our times -- our mobile phones. And, what?s more impressive is just how he did it -- the genius to observe and iterate, to pull out the nuggets of lessons we have learned and package it together with marketing that?s both fun, easy, and devilishly derivative yet simultaneously novel.


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