Thursday, June 27, 2013

The FDA Has Shuttered 1,677 Illegal Prescription Drugs Websites

The FDA Has Shuttered 1,677 Illegal Prescription Drugs Websites

We've all seen those pop-up ads peddling discount prescription drugs from Canadian pharmacies. Ohhhh! Cheap Xanax! They always seem a little dubious, but as of this week, you're probably going to see fewer of them. In partnership with international regulatory and law enforcement agencies, the FDA has just shut down 1,677 illegal online pharmacies, and seized a whopping $41,104,386 worth of illegal drugs.

A lot of these websites looked legal from the outside?many claimed to be Canadian pharmacies offering "brand name" or "FDA-approved" drugs. They would show fake licences and certifications so U.S. buyers would think they were okay, when in reality, many of these sites were pushing fake 'scrips. Seized sites have been marked very clearly with a banner identifying them as illegal, like the one seen above. Any doubts you ever had that a URL like c-v-s-pharmacy dot com was legit can be put to rest. [FDA]


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