Saturday, October 19, 2013

Lady Gaga Gets Grassy for “Do What U Want” Promotional Pic

By this point, pretty much the entire world has seen Lady Gaga in all stages of undress, and the “Just Dance” diva just shared a new photo in which she gets back to nature.

Gaga posed in her birthday suit, covered only in grass, dirt, and twigs, for the promo art for her new collaboration with R. Kelly titled “Do What U Want.”

According to press, “Do What U Want” is slated to be released on Monday, October 21st, though there’s a sneak preview of the song on a Best Buy ad for Beats headphones.

Earlier this week, Gaga shared a note about her ARTPOP liner notes- "The booklet includes photos of the day [artist] Jeff [Koons] and I explored different poses for the sculpture. IT IS COMPLETELY AMAZING Been leafing through her allll day."

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