Monday, December 31, 2012

Is the Sony Xperia X a dual SIM version of the Sony Xperia Z?

1. aveese posted on 8 hours ago 1 4

the bottom part???!!! will this android enable rotating 180 degrees without root???

2. Katrina posted on 8 hours ago 4 0

yo alan, that is a wrong picture of Xperia Z (Yuga).

The picture you posted is Xperia GX (Japan version). Which is already out in japan.

3. Katrina posted on 8 hours ago 2 0

and its not a picture of a TX, cause it has the NTT DOCO. logo at the top, yet they both share the same design.

4. Insignificant posted on 5 hours ago 3 0

This is the worst piece of journalism in the world. If Android Authority (or lack of authority) and iPhoneArena read XperiaBlog properly, they'd know the only thing mentioned about the 'dual' aspect was that it had a textured back like the Xperia E dual.

This makes me cringe.

Furthermore, at least you realise Yuga is not 6", which is what we have known the whole time, but you people keep misunderstanding - there's a 6"+ phablet...And we all knew Yuga and Odin were like the TX and T...(virtually identical).

Just terrible.

EDIT: If you use google translate with the original source, it says dual Sim, however, this is Google translate, and Xperiablog is known to handle chinese/vietnamese sites well.

6. Droid_X_Doug posted on 2 hours ago 0 0

I am curious why dual SIM phones haven't caught on (or, just aren't sold) in the U.S. - they would seem to be the perfect solution to marginal coverage for one carrier with good coverage for another carrier in the same location. Or, business and personal accounts.


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