Monday, December 31, 2012

Pets Have Style Too: Gear for Our Four Legged Roommates Best of ...

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Pets are some of the most joyful roommates to have ? but their gear can be overwhelming and lacking in style. Ah, but stylish pet products do exist! Over the past year we saw some fantastically styled and space saving pet products. These are 10 of our favorite posts?

? Giving Props to Prized Pets: Personalized Prints & Portraits
? Cozy Handcrafted Cat Beds
? Best Modern Litter Boxes 2012
? 9 Well Designed Dog Toys: Aesthetically Pleasing Things to Chew On
? 10 Well Designed Cat Toys
? Cat and Dog Devices for the Tech-Savvy Owner
? Best Modern Dog Crates 2012
? Texting Dog Collars and Other Smart Tech for Pets
? Space Saving Cat Bed: Cat Crib
? Pads For The Pampered Pooch: The Best Modern Dog Beds

Welcome to Apartment Therapy's Best of 2012 roundup! From December 19 through January 1 we are rounding up our favorite (and your favorite) posts from the past year.

More of the Best of 2012

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