Sunday, January 6, 2013

Boulder Creek District beefs up recreational programming; officials ...

BOULDER CREEK -- Residents in and around this wooded, rural enclave have been able to participate in a wider variety of activities in recent months, thanks to the leadership of a new manager who's focused on boosting recreational opportunities for both adults and children. And even more are on the horizon.

Hallie Greene took over the helm of the Boulder Creek Recreation and Park District since August 2011, following the resignation of the former district manager.

Since then, some long-awaited improvements have been completed at the three parks under its jurisdiction, such as landscaping and new fencing and improved lighting and flooring in the gym at the district's Middleton Avenue headquarters.

New outdoor exercise equipment could also pop up at Garrahan Park, assuming a $30,000 grant is approved later this year.

Meanwhile, a slew of new dancing, arts, sports and other programs are now being offered, and district officials want to add even more to that growing list in the next couple of months. They're now hoping to contract with instructors who can teach everything from cardio kickboxing and cooking classes to a teen DJ program and children's break dancing.

"I know we have a lot of talented people in the community who are looking for work," Greene said.

Some of those programs are new, while others, such as the break dancing class, were introduced earlier but never got off the ground. That was largely due to inconsistency

on the part of the instructors, Greene said, but "we're just really trying to be clear that it's important to start and end their sessions" rather than leaving residents hanging.

With demand for preschool activities on the rise, the district is also seeking to hire a new employee to head a "Little Explorers 2" class, an addition to an existing program that's geared toward teaching socialization skills to toddlers.

Since the district has bulked up its programming, more residents are participating, and that means the district eventually will need more space, said board member Tess Fitzgerald, saying the district has "struggled to meet all the needs of the people in the district because of the restrictions on our space."

Officials have twice been turned down for grant funding from the state to help pay for some of the start-up costs. Both applications were turned down before Greene came on board, and she said they're "looking to build up enough to justify building here or somewhere else."

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The Boulder Creek Recreation and Park District offers dance, art, sports and other programs for all ages, including adults. To view a list of program offerings, go to


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