Monday, April 15, 2013

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Im interested in continuing qualifications and wondering about appropriate courses. I currently hold my coxswains certificate (Master on a fishing or trading vessel less than 12 m in length for inshore operations (within 15 n miles) )Coxswain Courses - 17 days and include all course requirements:
Nautical Knowledge
Engineering Knowledge
Onboard Tuition
Elements of Shipboard Safety (Level 2 First Aid, Liferafting & Firefighting)
Marine Radio Operators Certificate of Proficiency
What would follow this? Master V certificate or is there another internationally recognised licence? Is the yachtmaster offshore of any additional value to what I have already done?
Also I would be interested in completing a course while sailing the Med with my girlfriend. Are there any instructors that could come aboard with us to complete a course?
Thanks for any info

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