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Treating Asthma and Allergies with Prednisone | Mexico Health ...

Finding the right medication when you have asthma and allergies is critical if you want to enjoy life. One of the most effective treatments for these conditions is Prednisone. As a corticosteroid, this medication quickly calms inflammation in airways caused by asthma and allergies.

How it Treats Asthma

Sudden or severe asthma attacks can result in death if not treated appropriately. When taken orally, this drug works as a systemic steroid by going directly into the bloodstream. This is often more effective than inhaled medications which go to the lungs. Hard-to-control asthma and asthma attacks require immediate relief to prevent permanent damage. This type of drug is typically given in high does over the course of several days.

How it Treats Allergies

Allergies are basically an inflammation of an affected area which is why this drug is equally effective treating this condition. Allergy sufferers can experience episodes of severe reactions that are debilitating. As a corticosteroid, it can instantly reduce inflammation in the body. If your airways are affected by allergies, you may be given a treatment similar to an individual with asthma. Because it affects the immune system, taking Prednisone can actually inhibit allergy symptoms.

Long-Term Use of the Drug

Prednisone is intended for short-term use when treating asthma and allergies. If you feel you need to take this drug beyond two or three weeks, you may not have your symptoms under adequate control. Let your doctor know so he can help you develop better symptom maintenance. The potential side effects of this medication should be carefully considered before using it over an extended period of time.

Best Way to Use Medication

If your doctor decides that extended use of the drug is necessary, he will minimize the risks of side effects by giving you the lowest possible dose. This may involve taking the medication every other day instead of daily. When you are ready to stop taking the drug, you will be given a dosing schedule to help you taper use which is the safest way to end treatment.

Prednisone is a well-established treatment protocol for asthma and allergies. If you are struggling to keep your symptoms under control, talk to your doctor about this treatment option. With Prednisone, you may very well get a new lease on life.


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