Sunday, February 17, 2013

Jane's cup of Joe: Fiscal cliff and long distance relationships |

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Welcome back to another episode of ?Jane?s cup of Joe?!

If you haven?t heard about this yet, I have talked four of my most-favorite-funny-women-on-the-planet to join me on friday mornings for a brand new talk show called ?Jane?s cup o?Joe?. All of us are military wives at different stages of marriage, motherhood, and life ? each with a unique sense of humor and a wealth of experiences to share.

One of the things that really helped me as a brand new wife, military spouse, and eventually mom, was to tap into the wealth of knowledge and experience around me in the form of seasoned military spouses. Folks who had been there, done there, bought the T-shirt!


This week we talked about the looming fiscal cliff, the carnival cruise gone wrong, and a viral newborn photo shoot for an adopted 13 year old. ?Also, one of our hostesses had a big surprise from her daughter on Valentine?s Day ? a texted picture of an engagement ring!

The second half of our show was spent talking about how to maintain long distance relationships during short separations or marathon deployments. ?Open lines of communication seemed to be the best lesson learned and encouraged by all of us.

Find out WHO has a daughter engaged and learn about long distance relationships by watching this week?s episode!

What are your personal thoughts about the looming fiscal cliff?

Do you have any amazing Valentine?s Day stories from this week??

How do YOU keep the lines of communication open with your spouse during separations?

What are your favorite things to send in care packages?

Join us next week for ?Jane?s cup of Joe? at 830am Pacific, ?930 Mountain, 1030 Central, and 1130 Eastern Time!


What topics would you like to talk about on Jane?s cup o?Joe?

If you could ask a ?Seasoned Military Spouse? for advice on something what would it be?

And lastly ? Please feel free to share some constructive criticism so we can improve!


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