Thursday, February 7, 2013

Moroccans are More Confident in E-Commerce Transactions ...

By Loubna Flah

Morocco World News

Casablanca, February 6, 2013

The appeal of online commerce remains immune from the intricacy of the current economic juncture. The latest statistics published by Maroc Telecommerce reveal a steep rise in online payments among Moroccan internet users as reported by the Moroccan daily Le Soir.

The survey ascribes this surge in online transactions to the growing confidence in E-commerce as well as the credibility of the online deals offered by more than 400 websites affiliated to the platform Maroc Telecommerce.

The easy access to internet as well as the frequent use of credit cards for payments and money withdrawal is also responsible for the growing interest in this new form of commerce.

The number of online transactions operated on e-commerce platforms reached 1, 24 Billion transactions. Thus, online payments recorded a growth by 75% in comparison to 2011. The number of online purchases and online payment reached MAD 743 Billion compared to only MAD 513 billon recorded in 2011.

The data collected by Maroc Telecommerce show also that the World Wide Web has become a highly profitable market in Morocco. Indeed, a large number of telecom operators and companies are opting for online payment for the services they provide.

The study also reveals that Moroccan consumers display more confidence towards online commerce. The transactions conducted on shopping websites reached 98% and made profits estimated to MAD 131 billion.

CTM, one of the leading transport companies in Morocco, has also launched online payment in 2012. The Transport Company made large profits in ticket sales and received the E-commerce award for the best website in the E-companies category.

Many public institutions, as well as private companies are showing great interest in E-commerce. They are planning to start new websites and engage their customers in online transactions.

Nevertheless, the development of E-commerce requires the consolidation of security protocols. In this regard, Maroc Telecommerce received the approval of the National Commission for Data protection to provide security warranty to the online services involving personal and banking data.

Maroc Telecommerce is the first E-commerce company in Morocco founded in 2001. It aims at availing technological infrastructure to Moroccan companies to sell their services online in Morocco and abroad.


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