Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Brady, Gisele expecting another baby

Benji Brady, 2 1/2, needs a sibling. Mission accomplished? Word out of Brazil is that Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen are expecting a bundle of joy, by which we mean a baby. That would be the second child for the couple, and third for Brady: hey, that?s a large mansion and they have to fill it up. Boston Herald:

The Sao Paulo fashion media has been abuzz that Gi, who was in her home country over the past few days to show off her new HOPE lingerie line, is two months along.

At the undies parade at a chi-chi department store, Mrs. Tom Brady [stats] wore a blue bra with a black lacy shirt and black pencil skirt that didn?t appear to reveal much in the way of a bump.

But sources told globo.com and Fabio Lage, who writes the ?House of Models? column for ig.com.br, that Bundchen has told people about the pregnancy, including Givenchy guru Ricardo Tisci, who dressed the supermodel mommy for the Met Costume Gala in NYC on May 7.

Any thoughts on names? For a girl, I?d go with Marcia. A boy? I think Brady Brady has a nice ring to it.

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