Thursday, May 17, 2012

Gynecologic Cancer Care Improves | Timpanogos Regional ...

Ovarian. Uterine. Cervical. It can be really scary to tack on ?cancer? at the end of these words.

At the same, it can be quite comforting to know that the most high-tech treatment techniques?around are available close to home, right here in the Utah Valley.

Not just in Salt Lake City. Not 45 minutes away. Gynecologic oncology ? including robotic surgery ? is now a subspecialty at Timpanogos Regional Hospital.


A long time ago, gynecologic cancers ? any cancer originating in a woman?s reproduce organs ? often were deemed incurable, said Christopher J. Jolles, MD, a longtime gynecologic oncologist who serves patients at Timpanogos Regional Hospital.

Forty years later, studies have shown that patients initially treated by gynecologic oncologists rather than general oncologists have a better chance of early diagnosis and proper therapy, as well as an increased cure rate.

This specialized area of care has changed quite a bit, thanks to major advancements in technology ? including two options that are available at your Timpanogos hospital:

Robotic surgery ? Dr. Jolles said it was about 8 years ago that robotic, minimally invasive surgery became a clear, well-recognized alternative to traditional surgery.

It?s an alternative that can drastically reduce recovery time ? getting the patient back as soon as two weeks after the procedure.

Radiation therapy ? Instead of traditional radiation therapy, uterine cancer now can be treated with intravaginal insertions of radiation, said Dr. Jolles, who has been a gynecologic oncologist for more than 30 years.

Intravaginal insertions take about 45 minutes ? a lot quicker than the 6-week duration of traditional radiation.


At its core, though, gynecologic oncology isn?t about impressive technology and medical terms. It?s about improving lives.

Lives like Debbie?s. Without the diagnostic expertise of her gynecologic oncologist, she may not have discovered her ovarian cancer. Now a survivor, she?s telling others to ?pay attention to their bodies.?

With advancements such as robotic surgery and the personalized attention that patients want and deserve, Timanogos Regional Hospital is striving to make the phrase ?gynecologic cancer? a little less scary here in Utah Valley.

  • Call 1-800-848-4652 to schedule an appointment with a gynecologic oncologist.


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