Saturday, May 5, 2012

Live in London: Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012!

Samsung Unpacked

Enough teasers. It's finally time to do this. We're at Earl's Court, London, for the Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012 event. You might recall previous Unpacked events in which we saw the original Galaxy S, the Galaxy S II, the Galaxy Note, and now ...?

Look, we're all expecting to see the Samsung Galaxy S III. Or the Samsung Galaxy S3. Or Something with the name Galaxy. Or at the very least, something with the name Samsung in it.

Here's the best part: You get to be here with us for the entire unveiling. Need some deets?

  • What: Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012
  • Where: London
  • When: 1900 BST, 1400 EDT, 1100 PDT
  • Official stream: Samsung's beaming this one worldwide, which is darn nice of them. 
  • Online chat: Doing a liveblog of something that's being broadcast live is sort of silly. So here's the plan. Join myself and Alex Dobie for a live chat from the event. (It's embedded after the break in this post.) We're not going to just tell you what's going on. You can see that for yourself in the stream. We're going to keep you up to date on everything you can't see in the stream. It's the least we can do.
  • And much more: Presumably we're going to get some face time with whatever's announced, so check back early and often.

We'll see you back here this evening -- or this afternoon, or whatever time it is wherever you are -- for some hot smartphone action! In the meantime, be sure to hit up all the awesome Samsung Galaxy S III discussions in the forums!

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