Tuesday, May 15, 2012

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BamaRose and jimmyb3,

Oh, how my heart hurts for both of you.? I can only imagine how difficult things are right now, but from what you wrote, you've given us an intimate sense of how heartbreaking it is when a relationship struggles or dies.? I'm so sorry for your pain.? Know first and foremost that both of you are in my prayers today.? I'm trusting the Lord to bless you abundantly with peace and an overwhelming sense of His presence and love as you press onward.

That said, I'm especially glad you're here on our forums.? There are so many here who can sympathize, empathize, and encourage you, especially in times when those physically near you don't quite understand or know how to help.? It's o.k. the lean on others here, and we'll do all we can to uphold you, o.k?

BamaRose, I know that tomorrow will be significant and hard.? It marks a different direction in your life, but I trust that the Lord is fully in control.? As you continue on, I wanted to see if I could help practically through our resources.? In turn, when you feel up to it, and you think it would be helpful, check out the links below.? Also, when you visit the pages, you'll notice a couple of resources mentioned in the sidebar.? I think they could be really useful to you, so please be sure to click on them for more information.

"Healing the Wounds of Divorce"

"Helping Children Heal After Divorce"


jimmyb3, I realize that you aren't in the exact same situation as BamaRose.? That said, you might find the following information helpful.

"Hope for the Separated"

Hope for the Separated (book)

And to the both of you, please don't hesitate to call our counselors if you need to talk with someone.? They are wonderful individuals who would love to help in any way they can.

I'm sending hugs your way today.? Please let us know how you are doing.


FOTF Moderator

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