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World Press Release ? Approved drugs to help bodybuilders and ...

The natural features of the human body to adapt to physical activity are not infinite. The need of the body in muscle effort combined with the simultaneous desire for rest, relaxation. And to build these muscles can only be due to the serious work of a greater volume and intensity of the load is not exercise for his own pleasure, for muscle comfort. The main thing to understand here bodybuilder, is that increasing the load after a certain level you can only combine them with quality reconstruction. Natural disaster recovery of muscles (coming just at rest, sleep) for serious weight training exercises, athletic gymnastics, weightlifting and other sports speed-power sports is not enough.

Specific methods and means of accelerating the recovery of the organism, which can be recommended in the security disciplines, especially bodybuilders.

1. First, it is proper, rational organization of the training process. This science-based striping retractors, developing and supporting loads, the optimum combination of volume and intensity of stress. Methods of training in athletic gymnastics is a special subject which we will not be considered. It is necessary only to emphasize that this is a major factor in determining the success of all other methods of accelerating recovery.

2. Great help athletes focus the power to stimulate the natural adaptive capacity of the body are targeted physiotherapy methods for speeding up recovery. This massage, electrical muscle stimulation, acupuncture, balneological methods for accelerating the recovery (various baths, showers, etc.).

All of these tools when they are competent application can provide an invaluable service to amateur athletic gymnastics, helping to relieve stress after school, relax, promoting full recovery of the muscles. As a result, the body can be fully recovered the next day to transfer the necessary training loads. All of these methods in this manual refers only to us, and should be subject to special consideration. The current value for the athletes may acquire such specific management practices his own body, self-improvement techniques and to accelerate recovery, as the various physiological, psychological, psychotherapeutic techniques: autogenic training, situational coaching, hypnosis, etc. Mastering all of these can provide you with an arsenal of great help and support if you really want to achieve notable success in building their own muscles.

However, the most basic and powerful tools aid the body in the grueling training for bodybuilders are still two other methods for accelerating the recovery of physical activity. Without their inclusion in one way or another in your arsenal can not do any amateur athletic gymnastics, or weight lifter. First, it allowed the use of (non-doping) of pharmacological agents, and second, receiving specialized nutritional products, the so-called products of high biological value (PPBTS).

General classification of products recommended when doing athletic exercises and weight training:

1. The amino acid products and protein products of high biological value.
2. Vitamins.
3. Anabolic means.
4. Hepatoprotectors and cholagogue substances.
5. Stimulants capillary circulation and gemostimulators.
6. Immuno-correcting medications.
7. Adaptogenes of plant and animal origin. specializes in the sale of anabolic steroids. You can always buy anabolic steroids as Testosterone enanthate, Nolvadex, Clomid, Proviron, Sustanon, testosterone and other essential steroids. cooperates only with reliable manufacturers that have corresponding medical certificate.

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