Thursday, May 24, 2012

SYNKOPY Formule 1 music review by Mellotron Storm

4 stars Another excellent EP from SYNKOPY. This one is similar to the previous EP "Xantipa" released a year earlier but maybe not quite as heavy. Still it's organ dominated with the vocals again in their native Czech language.

"Formule 1" has some nice bass as the vocals and organ join in. Guitar after 1 1/2 minutes. Cars can be heard whipping by later. "To Se Stava" opens with strummed guitar as organ, percussion and vocals come in. A nice relaxed sound here. The organ is great after 2 minutes on this my favourite track of the bunch. "Poselstva Detem" features organ and drums early before strings, vocals and piano take over. The organ is back 1 1/2 minutes in. "Kamen Mudrcu" opens with piano and a beat as the vocals join in. Catchy stuff. The organ rips it up late. "Touhy" is the over 13 minute closer. It opens with the sounds of wind and dogs barking before drums, guitar and keyboards take over around a minute. Vocal melodies then vocals follow. It settles 4 1/2 minutes in but the tempo continues to change.

Well i must admit that all three EPs i have from SYNKOPY do have a commercial flavour to them, but they are all just so darn good. Buyer beware though. As for me i'll treasure these as much as i do the two full length albums i have by them.

Mellotron Storm | 4/5 |

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